Maine’s Medical Reserve Corps units offer much more than disaster response support. Volunteers from Maine’s MRC are interested and available to support public health initiatives and community events throughout the year. Below are a few examples of how Maine’s MRC can support the work of your organization.

Community Events:

Whether staffing a First Aid Station at one on Maine’s numerous fairs, festivals or community events or setting up a Hydration Station at a local 5K run, marathon or cycling event, MRC members are a great addition to any community event. Each of Maine’s units have their own specialties, interests and experience. Please contact us for more information about engaging MRC to support your community event.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness:

Maine’s public health infrastructure is made up of a network of private and public entities. Both publicly funded and private nonprofit initiatives call for community support. If your organization is serving the greater good in the name of public health, emergency preparedness, disaster response or other crucial component of a healthy community, MRC volunteers can help. Our volunteers are often interested and available to support the work of our community partners as advisors, committee members, training and exercise participants or program consultants. If you are curious about how MRC volunteers can support your organization’s needs please contact us today!

Host or Sponsor a Medical Reserve Corps Unit:

Each of Maine’s MRC units is “housed” by a local nonprofit or community business called a Housing Agency. Serving as a Fiscal Agent, this relationship allows MRC units to have a local mailing address, fundraise under the agency’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) and better establish itself in a community. In some cases units become programs of the agency and offer workspace, fiscal oversight and other support. In other cases, a housing agency may take a less active leadership role, and instead simply serve to connect the MRC unit to the local community and/or provide the unit with a regular meeting space. Whatever the relationship may look like, MRC units would not exist without their sponsoring agencies. For more information on becoming a housing agency contact us today!

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