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Maine has had an extensive history of MRC units over the years. There are currently 3 units serving the people of Maine. To ensure coverage across the entire state, a unit has been established in each of Maine’s Public Health Districts.

Serving Public Health District 1 – “York”

This unit is currently on hiatus, and seeking a new Unit Coordinator to take the helm. Unit was previously based at the University of New England in Biddeford, and composed mainly of students from that institution. The next Unit Coordinator will be tasked with engaging UNE as well as the broader community.

Serving Public Health District 5 – “Central”

This unit is currently on hiatus, and seeking a new Unit Coordinator. Previously the unit was based in Augusta, serving all of Central Maine (Somerset and Kennebec Counties).

Several leadership opportunities are currently available in this active unit: seeking a Logistics Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, and permanent Operations Section Chief.

Serving Public Health District 2 – “Cumberland”

Cumberland is currently without a unit and seeking a new housing agency and unit leadership. Unit 2440, the Cumberland County MRC is housed by the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency and lead by Unit Coordinator Ron Jones and Co-Team Leaders Rachel Gallo and Vernon Jeffery. 

Serving Public Health District 6 – “Penquis”

Unit 0115, the Northeastern MRC, is Maine’s oldest MRC unit. This unit was established in the early days of Citizen Corps, and serves both Penobscot and Piscataquis counties. This unit is led by Kathy Knight and housed by EMHS.

Serving Public Health District 3 – “Western”

This unit is currently on hiatus and seeking new leadership. Previously, the Western MRC served the three counties of District 3 (Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford) and includes one of Maine’s three largest urban clusters (Lewiston/Auburn). 

Serving Public Health District 7 – “Downeast”

Unit 2644, the Downeast MRC is currently housed by Hancock County Emergency Management Agency and is a collaborative effort involving the Maine CDC District Public Health District Liasons and Hancock County Emergency Management Agency. The unit is led by Andrew Sankey. 

Serving Public Health District 4 – “Midcoast”

Unit 2642, the MidCoast MRC serves the four counties of the MidCoast region (Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc and Waldo). One of Maine’s newest MRC units, MidCoast MRC has developed strong and productive relationships with each of the county Emergency Management Agencies within its district. This unit is led by Holly Clayton.

This active unit is currently seeking both a Logistics Section Chief and an Operations Section Chief.

Serving Public Health District 8 – “Aroostook”

Unit 2645, the Aroostook MRC, is currently inactive.

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