The volunteers of Maine’s Medical Reserve Corps come from all kinds of backgrounds including non-medical professionals contributing administrative or logistical expertise to community efforts and retirees sharing their time and extensive experience. Everyone has something they can contribute to the Medical Reserve Corps, and joining our ranks is quick and easy!

STEP 1.) Register with the State as a volunteer with Maine Responds.

As the portal for Maine’s Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals, Maine Responds serves as a single registry for healthcare and emergency preparedness volunteers. Signing up as a volunteer prior to disaster helps emergency managers to pre-identify a talented pool of local resources. This in turn helps them to leverage those with the most relevant skills and qualifications to address the needs of their community.

During the registration process, you can choose to associate yourself with either a single or multiple MRC units, depending on where you work, live, or frequently travel. Along with basic personal information, the registration process also includes questions about any professional licenses, experience, availability and preferences for deployment – local, state, or national. You will also be asked to submit the necessary information for a criminal background check, a requirement for deployment. Take the first step and register as a volunteer with Maine Responds.

STEP 2.) Take the required FEMA course.

Across the United States disaster response agencies and first responders from multiple jurisdictions must coordinate and communicate to respond to emergencies. The Incident Command System (ICS) sets the standard for how we work together during an emergency (whether a localized event or a multijurisdictional disaster).

COURSE 1: IS 100 Introduction to Incident Command System (or an equivalent course) You can find several equivalent courses, including a Healthcare/Hospital version would be applicable to many MRC volunteers.

COURSE 2: IS 700B An Introduction to the National Incident Management System

In any event, please wait to deploy until you are contacted by your MRC unit leader or other appropriate leadership. Should you have any questions about deployment or chain of command, please refer to your unit leader for more information.

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